Illegal operators hampering courier business – Commission

DHLThe Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSRC) has expressed concern about the operations of illegal operators in the courier business and has described it as a key challenge hampering business.

“There are a number of operators clandestinely operating courier operations and the Commission has on numerous occasions invited them to regularize their activities but to no avail”.

The Acting Executive Secretary of PCSRC Mr. Isaac Annan Riverson made this known when a delegation from the Association of Nigeria Courier Operators (ANCO) paid a three-day working visit to Ghana.

He however explained that the Commission was collaborating with the Ghana Police Service to apprehend such illegal operators.

The Acting Executive Secretary called for a strong collaboration amongst Courier Associations within the Sub-Region to attract the attention of the legislators for the necessary amendments and additions to be made.

Ms. Teki Akuetteh a member of the Board of Commissioners of PCSRC explained that the worldwide Postal Trend places huge emphasis on the legal regime being enforced in specific geographic locations.

“For effective trade and collaboration amongst courier operators within the Sub-Region, ECOWAS countries must have strong statutory bodies that will push for the appropriate legislation and also put pressure on their various governments to ensure that those legislations are made to work”, she added.

She noted that regulators across the Sub-Region needed financial assistance and granted autonomy to be more effective and efficient to achieve its goals.

Ms. Akuetteh encouraged ANCO executives to engage the appropriate authorities in their country to get their regulator established in the very near future so that together with Ghana, the ECOWAS could be effectively affected in legislating for the Courier sector as well.

The President of ANCO Mr. Siyanbola Oladapo commended the Commission for the progress made in Ghana and assured that the team will take note of all the great experiences learnt and implement it in their country

He noted that their Senate has gone far in preparing a Bill that will pave the way for the establishment of a Regulator for the Postal industry, adding, “The interaction with PCSRC will place us in good position to ensure that operators’ interest are promoted and protected”.

The Nigerian team met with the Managing Director of Graphic Group of Communications, Ghanaian Courier Operators, Ministry of Communications, Ghanaian Courier Operators and the management and board of PCSRC.

The team is made up of its President, Mr. Okey Uba, General Secretary, ANCO; Mr. Toyin Olufade, Imasuen Olajumoke, and Vivian Okeke all members of ANCO.

Source: GNA

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