National Chief Imam cautions against extremist groups

Sheik Nuhu Sharabutu
Sheik Nuhu Sharabutu

Sheikh Dr Usumanu Nuhu Sharabutu, National Chief Imam, has called on Imam and leaders of the Muslim communities to caution members of their congregation against possible penetration of ideological influence of extremist groups.

He said the extremist groups use all available means, including the social media to extend frontiers of their operations by attracting more support and following.

He said beyond caution, the Imams are further entreated to use sermons to encourage members of their congregation to be watchful to identify and expose foreigners who may infiltrate the communities with signs of connection with extremists groups like Al Qa’eda or Boko Haram, among others.

In a release issued to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday in Accra, Sheikh Sharubutu said in view of the increasing menace of the so-called Muslim extremists in affected countries, the commitment to and strong desire and urge for promoting national security and peace has been growing in strength in recent times.
He said this however should be carried out without any intention to cause mischief or malice against foreigners who are in the country for genuine reasons.

“It is my firm believe and conviction that, Islam is a global faith that has come with a mission of hope for peace and compassion for humanity. But I also believe that to make this claim real and meaningful among humans, it should be backed by concrete actions through which peace and harmony could be made the common and shared experience of all,” he added.

Sheikh Sharubutu said religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence both of which are major ingredients in the promotion and maintenance of peace in Ghana must be promoted.

He urged Imams at all levels to dedicate most of their sermons in the coming months to the message of peace and compassion to effectively guide and direct the minds and spirits of Muslims to actions, attitudes and behaviours that are consistent with the Islamic mission of peace.

He expressed appreciation to the President and the Chairman of the National Peace Council for managing the recent misunderstanding between Christian missions and the Muslim community on the issue of religious freedom, human rights and discrimination in public educational institutions and public work places.

Source: GNA

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