Group to establish energy sector manufacturers association

Oil2A Group of Energy sector operators, has outlined plans to establish an Energy Sector Manufacturers Association that would bring together stakeholders in the industry,  to discuss proactive ways to enhance the performance of the sector.

The Association would enable industry stakeholders share ideas on the sector, take advantage of the new technology, as well as strategize on ways to minimize the consumption of energy.

The platform would discuss proactive measures in improving the energy sector for optimum performance, that is,  whether to use solar pumps, instead of motor pumps,  as a  way of adding to technological innovation.

Mrs Kate Quartey-Papafio, Chief Executive Officer of Reroy Cables Limited, a subsidiary of Reroy Group, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra, said the idea is to ensure whatever people are producing within the energy sector is made known in case there is any support to be offered, in order to be abreast with latest development.

She said previously the country was using 14 amperes socket which is consuming, but coming together would help discuss whether there is any new ways of using five amperes of socket, to cut cost and ensure efficiency in power consumption.

Mrs Quartey-Papafio said the country was gifted with natural resources and that it was time stakeholders in the energy sector collaborated to fine-tune how best to refine these raw materials for effective utilization to mitigate the power crisis.

Source: GNA

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