Christians asked to wait expectantly for Christ’s return

Rev. Osae-Addo
Rev. Osae-Addo

Rev Emmanuel Osae-Addo, Head Pastor of the Korle-bu Community Chapel of the Ghana Evangelical Convention, has encouraged Christians to be earnest and expectant as they wait for Christ’s return.

He said, while Christians wait, “suggestions and beautiful things” would come their way, and only by waiting expectantly would they fortify their minds against the devil’s alternatives.

“If we are not waiting expectantly, anything that the devil brings, we will take”, he said.

Speaking on Easter Sunday at the Korle Bu Community Chapel, the Head Pastor drew from the examples of some of Jesus’ disciples after His death.

After having received the good news of the Resurrection from the Women who discovered it first, along with the instruction to wait for Jesus in Galilee, the disciples went back for fishing after waiting for some time.

Rev Osae-Addo theorized that as the disciples lurked around the shores of the Sea of Galilee, waiting to meet Jesus, they were probably enticed by business going on around the area; how other fishermen were fishing and making money.

It was the morning after an unsuccessful night expedition that a man appeared standing on the shore and suggesting to the disciples where to cast their nets.

Caught unawares, the disciples realized from the resulting large and instant catch that it was Jesus.

The Reverend Minister said, like Peter and his friends, the temptation for some Christians today, is to go back to the things from which they have been called.

“I know waiting is difficult, but while we wait, we should trust that the one who asked us to wait will return at the right time”, Rev Osae-Addo assured Christians.

The Pastor also cautioned all to be of good behaviour, because each one’s opinions and actions affect those of others.

He noted that it was upon the remark “I am going out to fish” by Simon Peter, the spokesperson of the disciples,  and a leading figure, that some of the others who had probably been harbouring the desire to go back to fishing, became emboldened to carry out their plans by accompanying him.

“Somebody is following you, somebody is watching you, ” Rev Osae-Addo cautioned Christians.

Source: GNA

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