Need for collective will to resolve Ghana’s challenges – Rev. Agbozo

Rev. Enoch Agbozo
Rev. Enoch Agbozo

There is the urgent need for collective will by all to resolve and overcome the challenges facing the country, Reverend Professor Immanuel Agbozo, Founder of the Ghana Evangelical Society, said on Sunday.

He admonished all and sundry to stand up together, united in spirit and move to solve the country’s problems.

Rev. Agbozo was speaking in Accra at an Independence Day Thanksgiving Service on the theme: “Divine Salvation, Honour and Majestic Glory upon Ghana.”

He said a new Ghana was born of divine heritage of God’s glory and that God shall establish a government of peace, righteousness, justice, liberty, joy and hope of divine glory on the shoulder of Jesus Christ, the King of kings.

Rev Agbozo stressed that God had made Ghana the tower of peace, liberty and integrity and that the nation shall shine in glory in the worship, truth, liberty and knowledge and presence of God.

He said the nation would be delivered by the foundational pillars of spiritual order adding “we need a renewed and revitalised sense of belonging, loyalty and nationalism to confront the challenges of the country”.

He urged the security agencies to wean themselves from the chains of corruption, politicisation and division and tasked the educational sector and professional institutions to raise the standards by improving the performance of students, teachers and faculty.

Rev Agbozo urged the youth to stand up for righteous, honest, faithful and trustworthy standards.

Source: GNA

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