Ghana government commended for road infrastructure in SADA Zones

SADAProfessor  Haruna Yakubu , Vice Chancellor of the University for Development Studies(UDS),  has lauded the efforts of government for the construction of road infrastructure in the Northern Ecological Zone .

The Vice Chancellor who made the commendation during the Ninth Congress of the Association of Natives of Bolgatanga, Nangodi, Bongo and Tongo (BONABOTO), held in Bolgatanga said, improving road network in the three Regions of the North was highly commendable.

“The Tamale-Wa road is almost completed, while work on the Wa-Navrongo road is at an advanced stage of construction. When completed the three regional capitals in the SADA Zone, will be effectively linked up for businesses,” he stated.

Professor Yakubu, also lauded the government for the move to upgrade the Tamale airport to an International standard and also  develop other regional airports, and   said it would facilitate the activities of SADA rapidly.

“We need to see these investments in transport and communication as the foundation for an economic take of by the SADA Zone. Very soon we can proudly tell investors that we are open for business,” the Vice Chancellor said.

He entreated SADA as an institution, and Civil Society Organizations, particularly BONABOTO, to seize the opportunity provided by government, and play active roles  in promoting the North as an investment destination.

Professor Yakubu stressed that the future of the SADA regions depended on developing human resource, and urged  SADA to bank investments on education by initiating and facilitating the establishment of a Special Rural Education Programme in the SADA zones,  to respond to the special circumstances of schooling at the villages.

Whilst calling on  Civil Society organizations and the Private Sector to support SADA in its quest  for Agricultural Led Growth,  the Vice Chancellor urged SADA to facilitate and promote  Agribusinesses,  so as to increase value to local agriculture produce,  and also identify agricultural commodities that have a unique and  global comparative advantage that can be exploited .

He pointed out that increased crop harvests without value addition tended to have negative effect on the economic livelihoods of farmers, stressing,  “when there is bumper harvest prices go down, ultimately resulting in low net income for farmers. The solution to this natural process is the promotion of agribusinesses that would add value to agricultural commodities”.

Mr Charles Abugre,  Chief Executive of SADA, indicated that the new SADA has been restructured and was regaining its dented image both at home and abroad,  as it was addressing the challenges  confronting it.

Mr Abugre who disclosed that SADA would be holding a major International Business Conference this year, indicated that it would attract international partners to help facilitate the implementation of road, education, health and agriculture infrastructures, among others.

Source: GNA

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    Congratulations to DR Charles Abugre and his New Team . I am happy to hear that you have been busy ” panel beating” the dents on the VEHICLE of SADA, and oiling it’s Engine to start moving in a right direction in a calculated desire to reduce poverty among the Savannah dwellers of Ghana. . All well-meaning people of Ghana and especially we constituents of the SADA must should be proud to offer assistance where possible for the good of all. With bilateral connections with Botswana, we could learn to promote Agribusiness in the area of Cattle farming and Other Animal Breeding , when done with serious prevention of Bush Fires. Let me know through e-mail if I should facilitate any bench-marking between SADA and the people of Botswana.

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