Filthy dreamers ruling Ghana – Rev. Agbozo

Rev. AgbozoPoliticians ruling Ghana have been described as ‘filthy dreamers’ whose actions have left the country in filth and in shame.

Speaking at an End of Year National Rally in Accra Tuesday December 30, 2014, the Rev. Prof. Immanuel Enoch Agbozo, of Enoch Missions  and head of the Ghana Evangelical Society decried the lack of the acknowledgement of God among political leadership in the country.

He also said the conducts of politicians is preventing the glory of God from shining on the country.

He said politicians of all groups steal the loyalty of Ghanaians when they manipulate elections to their favour.

According to him building roads, hospitals and schools does not necessarily give ‘fulfilment to citizens’.

He called on the country to turn to God and seek his glory.

The three-day rally would end Thursday December 31, 2014.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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