Court remands KKD in prison custody for rape

KKDA Kaneshie District Court, presided over by Mrs Adwoa Akyaamaa Ofosu has remanded Kwasi Kyei Darkwah, a.k.a KKD, a broadcaster in prison custody for rape.

The accused person, who pleaded not guilty, would re-appear in court on January 8.

Nana Asante Bediatuo, counsel for the accused person prayed the court to grant him bail but the application was refused.

He said the facts did not support the charge since there was consent from the lady before the act.

He said the state was unable to narrate in a chronological manner what led to the sexual act.

“The state should come clear on whether the accused person used force,” he added.

The judge after listening to the defence counsel and the prosecution said the consent of the sexual act would be determined at the trial stage.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Moses Atibilla told the court that a prima-facie case has been established against the accused person.

He said the remand would enable prosecution conduct further investigation into the case.

Presenting the facts to the court, ACP Atibilla said the complainant is a 19-year old lady student.

He said on December 27, at about 1930 hours, there was an event called “RIP the RUNWAY Fashion show” organised at the African Regent Hotel, which the complainant attended with the cousin.

He said when the two arrived at the show, they met the accused person in front of the hotel and after pleasantries and attractions, they walked into the lobby where the accused person introduced them to his cousin.

The prosecution said the complainant and the cousin took few pictures with the accused person, his cousin and other men.

ACP Atibilla said the accused person who admired the height of the complainant, asked her and her cousin to accompany them to the hotel room to apply powder on his face before the show, since he would be on stage and before the TV cameras.

“The complainant and the accused took one of the lift to the third floor of the hotel and went into the hotel room together with her cousin and the accused’s cousin,” he added.

He said whilst there, the accused called the complainant to come and help him do the make in the washroom, which she obliged and entered the washroom leaving the two in the living room.

He said the accused forcibly had sex with the complainant in the washroom and a report was made to the police and medical form issued to attend hospital.

When the accused was arrested, he denied the offence and stated that, the complainant gave her consent and that he did not force her.

Source: GNA

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