Fishermen in Ada get education on Fisheries Act

FishermenThe Ada East District Directorate of Fisheries Commission has organized a one day training session for chief fishermen and their secretaries on the Fisheries Act and related legislations.

Participants were taken through topics such as safety methods, the types of net to use, ban on using light for catching fish among others.

Mr Michael Kodie, Ada East Director of Fisheries, called on the chief fishermen to ensure that all canoes under their supervision have safety equipment such as compass, horn, fire extinguisher and life jacket for all fishermen.

He appealed to the fishermen to use round bulbs, torch light or reflective materials during expeditions adding that they should mark their nets with reflective materials to prevent accidents.

He cautioned them against fishing around oil rigs because of the dangers of harmful chemicals and moving heavy machinery.

Mr. Kodie said it was not true that fishermen were not consulted when drafting the regulation on fishing adding, “fishermen were invited through the National Association of Canoe Fishermen to make an input on the draft bill”.

Source: GNA

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