Punish judgement debts perpetrators – GUTA

law-and-justiceThe Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) on Tuesday urged Government to ensure that punitive actions were taken against public and civil servants whose negligence made the state to incur judgment debts.

Mr George Kwaku Ofori, GUTA President, said: “It is our fervent hope and belief that all public and civil servants as well as their collaborators who are found culpable in any form of malfeasance, especially if it leads to financial loss to the state, should not only be dismissed from work, but should also be prosecuted to retrieve all the lost funds, even if it means confiscating their assets to the state”.

He said aside the dismissal, they should also forfeit all their entitlements and their bank accounts should be frozen, adding that this could send a strong signal to all the unscrupulous people in the system who thought public service was a gold mine.

Mr Ofori was speaking during a press conference organised by GUTA to outline pertinent issues that militate against the growth, development and prosperity of the private sector.

He said the issue of judgement debts had been of serious concern to the tax payer, especially those within the business community.

He said it was difficult to understand why competent public officials should cause financial loss to the state through the payment of huge sums of money in the form of judgement debts.

Mr Ofori said this phenomenon must be strictly looked into and dealt with, with all the seriousness it deserves, in order not to confuse, demoralize or discourage the tax payer whose sweat generated that money.

The GUTA President also commended Government for passing the law which barred foreigners from hawking and petty trading.

He, however, urged Government to ensure that the law was fully applied in order to prevent foreigners from taking over their businesses.

Source: GNA

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