National teams have spiritual problem – Sports Minister

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah - Youth and Sports Minister
Elvis Afriyie Ankrah – Youth and Sports Minister

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah says all the national teams have spiritual problems aside the perennial technical and managerial challenges.

He said the spiritual problem was created as a result of the country’s failure to fully recognize and duly reward its past sports heroes and heroines after they worked tirelessly to achieve laurels for the country.

He said the bitterness of such sports personalities and individuals had become an albatross that hangs on the neck of the nation, which sometimes impacted negatively on the country’s sports fortunes.

“In view of this situation, when I assumed the mantle as the Minister of Youth and Sports, I brought all the old players together and let them share their expertise and experience with players of the national teams during national assignments”, he added.

The minister said that  sports had ceased to be a source of just entertainment but also that of economic benefits.

“Now, players have changed the fortunes of their families because of the benefits they have derived from sports, unlike the past when players played because of the passion for the game.”

He called on the various corporate bodies to invest in Sports. “This is what pertains all over the world so that a time will come when government’s support towards sports will reduce so that it will pay attention to other sectors of the economy.

“I disagree with those who believe that the lesser known sports will grow only when support to football come down. Since every country has passion for one particular sports discipline and Ghanaians have passion for soccer, we should use the leverage in football to develop other lesser known disciplines as well”.

Source: GNA

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