Go beyond criticism, find solutions – Lecturer urges Ghanaian

Ms Ruby Quantson, a lecturer at the Kofi Annan Center for Peace Building, has urged Ghanaians to go beyond mere criticism of issues to finding solutions to them.

She said merely criticizing authorities over challenges facing the country without offering solution ideas to them does not help the nation.

Ms Quantson was speaking at a three-day workshop for the faculty members of Governance Issues Forum (GIF) in Accra at the weekend.

She urged Ghanaians to take ownership of the development of their communities and to contribute towards solving challenges facing their areas.

Ms Quantson said the GIF concept ensures that challenges are identified, after which it will see to it that each member contributes towards solving challenges facing them.

The GIF, which was promoted by the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG), aimed at providing public space for state and non-state actors to deliberate on matters of public policy, democracy and governance.

Currently, members of the GIF are working in 18 districts in the country and providing opportunities for the grassroots to contribute towards the formulation of policies and implementation of projects that affect them.

Source: GNA

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