EPA wants manufacturers to mop up packaging materials

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking parliamentary approval to enable it enact regulations requiring manufacturers whose used packaging materials are environmentally  hazardous to institute package-return-schemes.

The scheme would require such manufacturers to compensate produce users who return packaging for proper disposal,  Mr John A. Pwamang, Director of Chemicals Control and Management of the EPA, told the GNA on the sidelines of a workshop in Ho  on Pesticide Regulations and Safe Handling.

He said the plan would follow the lines of the current collection of used up sachet water packaging, by some individuals, for sale to recycling companies.

Mr Pwamang said the EPA was seeking the fiat to regularize the scheme under which manufacturers would be expected to add-value to the packaging- return-effort.

He said there were several pesticide packaging materials scattered in the communities and that some were even used ignorantly to store consumables.

Fifty-five Agricultural Extension Officers from across the Volta Region are attending the two-day workshop.

The workshop is to build the advisory, regulatory and operational capacities of the extension officers and other stakeholders  whose activities are connected in one way or the other to the pesticide registration and licensing schemes being currently supported by the West African Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP).

Mr Pwamang cautioned the public against patronizing fake pesticides as their chemical contents are unknown.

He said some of these spurious products had limited measures of active ingredients, enabling pests to develop resistance, thus creating serious challenges to the fight against pests.

Areas listed to be covered during the seminar include Pesticide Registration and Licensing Procedures in Ghana, Disposal of Pesticides and Empty Containers and Pesticide Poisoning-Symptoms and Signs-First Aid and Treatment and Emergency Procedures.

Source: GNA

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