AGI says importation of sub-standard goods should stop

Nana Owusu-Afari, President of the Association of Ghana Industries AGI) says there is the need to ensure that sub-standard goods are not imported into the country.

He said the inferior nature of such goods made them cheap and easy to buy to the detriment of the local industry which suffered as a result.

Nana Owusu-Afari said this when the Tema Chapter of AGI held its Annual General Meeting under the theme, “Making the Roads and Sewage system in Tema impact Positively on Industrial Growth.”

He said the importation of low-quality textiles for example had adversely affected the local textile industry, adding that such products should as much as possible be tracked down and destroyed.

The AGI president expressed his appreciation to the government for recognizing the private sector as being at the core of the country’s economic drive and said it was important for industries to be in tune with the rapid technological changes that are taking place globally in order not to lag behind.

Mr. Charles Mensah, Chairman of the Tema Chapter of the AGI, said some key challenges to the growth of businesses within Tema were the rise in utility bills, bad roads and improper disposal of waste.

He said it was important that these challenges were addressed because that would immensely improve upon the country’s local industry.

Source: GNA

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