EU to support Ghana revolutionalise agriculture production

cassavaThe European Union (EU) is to support Ghana to revolutionalise its agricultural production.

Mr Dacian Ciolos, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, who made this known in Accra at the weekend, said the support would be in the form of financial and technical interventions.

“Agriculture is not only an economic issue but also a social issue and this calls for the support,” he said stressing that the EU would take Ghana’s agricultural development objectives into consideration.

Mr Ciolos was speaking at a stakeholders meeting that discussed: “Challenges and Opportunities in Africa and strategies to unlock the economic potentials of agriculture development in Ghana.”

Dr Yemi Akinbamijo, Manager of Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) said the partnership between EU and Ghana, which is under negotiation  would take place from 2014- 2020.

He said it is a period for the promotion of agriculture and security.

“Some economist described Africa as being on a low ground as far as agriculture is concerned, but 10 years later they described Africa as being on the rise and now, they have described Africa as the rising continent,” he said.

Dr Akinbamijo said agriculture would provide greater help to reduce poverty if done properly, pointing out that production, trading, finance, as well as infrastructure, education, science and technology and regional integration are  the seven pillars of FARA, which would be used to develop Ghana.

Dr Armed Yakubu, Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture said agriculture remains the pivot of Ghana’s future.

Source: GNA

  1. Otty says

    To the Ghanean Ministry of Agriculture
    Beware of genetical modification of organisms including
    seeds. There has been no research on the long term
    effects on nature and cattle that has been fed genetical modified crops. With all due respect, take a look at
    genetical selection (or crossbreeding) of crops instead.
    Sincerely, Otty Nobo

  2. AgricBiz says

    What still baffles me is the rate of foreign investment that is coming into the African agriculture sector, and yet we still import foods into the continent. African government need to wake up to the challenge of fixing the social infrastructure in the rural areas which in itself would be among the baits for attracting the younger generation to farming.

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