Minerals Commission holds workshop on sustainable exploitation of minerals

Ben Aryee, CEO of Minerals Commission
Ben Aryee, CEO of Minerals Commission

Mr. Desmond Boahen, an Inspector of Mines at the Minerals Commission, on Friday said only Ghanaians are permitted by law to engage in gold and diamond small-scale mining.

He was speaking at a one-day workshop on sustainable exploitation of mineral resources organized by the Inspectorate Division of the Mineral Commission for key stakeholders in the Nzema East Municipality, at Axim.

His topic was “The Role of the Inspectorate Division of Minerals Commission in the Sustainable Exploitation of the Minerals Resources of Ghana.

The theme for the workshop was “Sustainable Exploitation of our Mineral Resources-The Role of Stakeholders”.

Mr. Boahen said the law does not allow foreigners to undertake gold and diamond small-scale mining but foreigners could support wholly Ghanaian gold and diamond small-scale mining companies.

He said the law permits foreigners to undertake industrial minerals mining but they need to have 10 million dollars investment to enable them to acquire licenses.

Mr. Boahen said the country’s minerals included gold, diamond, manganese, bauxite and industrial minerals such as salt, kaolin, clay granite and laterite, which are of economic value.

He said galamsey is still not recognized by law and advised the illegal miners to form small-scale mining co-operatives and go through the laid down legal processes for licenses to operate.

Mr. Boahen said the Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission is mandated by the Minerals and Mining Act to be the lead agency responsible for enforcing compliance of the laws and regulations governing mineral operations in the country.

He said the objectives of the duties of the division are to reduce the disturbing effects of mining operations, reduce dangers to human life, pollution, land degradation, deforestation, prevent wasteful mining and treatment practices and ensure judicious exploitation of mineral resources.

Mr. Boahen urged the public to collaborate with the division to enforce compliance of the country’s minerals statutes to minimize illegalities and protect mineral resources.

Mr. James Baidoo, Nzema East Municipal Chief Executive, spoke about the need to sustain exploitation of the country’s mineral resources and asked the people to place the interest of the country first by desisting from illegal mining activities that degrade the environment.

Mr. Baidoo commended the Minerals Commission for organizing the workshop to educate stakeholders in the municipality of their responsibilities.

Source: GNA

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