Price of premix fuel slightly up

fuel-stationThe chairman of the National Premix Committee, Mr. Kwaku Nicol has cautioned that if fishing with light was not curtailed, the fishing industry will suffer total collapse in the very near future.

At a meeting with the various Landing Beach Committees from the Central and Western Regions, Mr. Nicol warned fishermen, particularly those from Elmina, whom he said, were the worse culprits, that failure to heed to the advice will be to their own detriment.

He said fishing with light could threaten their livelihood and urged them to stop the practice because they will not be spared when caught.

He announced an increment in premix fuel from GH¢2.48 per gallon to GH¢3 for the first time in four years, however, the fishermen came to a consensus to sell it at GH¢3.20p and use the proceeds to undertake more development projects in their areas.

Mr. Nicol told the fishermen to be wary of some people parading as premix coordinators, pointing out that, the National Committee had not assigned anybody in that capacity to the Region, adding that, the National Premix Committee is the sole body mandated to distribute premix in the country.

The Landing Beach Committees should therefore be wary of such unauthorized people who are confusing fishermen in the Central Region in particular.

During an open forum, the fishermen expressed concern about some Committee members and chief fishermen who do not own boats but allocate to themselves some of the fish caught and later sell at exorbitant prices to fishermen.

They suggested that the fuel should be sold with coupons to stem corruption.

Mr. Nicol in his response, reminded the fisher folks that the fuel has been heavily subsidized by 70 percent with the intention to offer them the opportunity to develop their areas and that they must not allow individual interest to derail their plans.

Source: GNA

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