Accra Mayor laments poor reading habit

pupil1The number of Ghanaian students who do not read books at all has been rising, hence the rapid drop in reading skills, Mr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, Mayor of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), has observed.

Although the Mayor did not give any statistics to back his assertion, he said: “this is so because the internet, cell phones and television have become a central force and almost taken over our daily lives, especially the youth”.

Mr Vanderpuije made the observation at the weekend during the official launch of the Ghana Readers Club Tee Shirt on the theme: “reading to break barriers”.

He noted that reading books could be a hard task for some individuals but had many advantages, adding that not only for grown-ups but also for infants.

“Research also proved that reading books to infants helps to develop their communication skills and enhance their concepts of colors, shapes and emotions,” he noted.

He added that “for us adults and students as well, the more we read, the more knowledgeable we become and the wiser we get”.

Mr Vanderpuije explained that reading enabled people widen their viewpoints and thoughts, which ultimately lead them to have a better understanding of promoting healthy relationships with others irrespective of their status or background.

“Reading books also help to relieve anxiety and stress of the reader, it is an active mental process which allows one to imagine and reason out,” he said.

Parents and guardians, he said, also had a responsibility to show good command of reading skills, adding that they should emphasize how important books are and read with their family at home as a source of entertainment to have fun and an enjoyable family time.

Mr Nii Akushi, who represented Mr Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, Member of Parliament for Odododiodioo, advised the youth to develop reading habit adding that reading could help them to acquire knowledge and also get any information that they might need.

He gave the Readers Club GH¢500.00 to implement their activities.

Source: GNA

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