Former CPP youth leader lauds Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu
Martin Amidu

Mr Kwabena Bomfeh, former Youth Leader of the Convention People’s Party at the weekend lauded Mr Martin Amidu for his gallant victory at the Supreme Court in retrieving questionably paid judgment debts into the nation’s coffers.

Referring to the victory of the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the Waterville and Isofoton judgment debts sagas, he said Mr Amidu deserves greater applause by all and sundry for a glorious work done.

He said the youth must emulate his example.

Mr Bomfeh, who is also the Convener for the Coalition for Freedom and Justice said in an interview with Ghana News Agency in Accra, that Mr Amidu has shown that “we as a nation have got heroes who are ever ready to sacrifice their life, time, energy and resources to retrieve the nation’s hard earned money from looters; despite the insults and mudslinging from his contemporaries in government”.

He said by this singular act, Mr Amidu has brought honour to himself and all well-meaning Ghanaians.

Mr Bomfeh said the ministers who vehemently opposed the former Attorney General’s efforts in prosecuting the agenda must bow their heads in shame.

“Ghanaians must begin to demand accountability from their leaders; it is the only way we can build a better Ghana,” Mr Bomfeh stated.

The Supreme Court within the space of one week had in its rulings on the judgment debt cases brought before it by Mr Amidu ordered Waterville and Isofoton to pay various sums of monies to the state.

Source: GNA

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