Joe Ghartey calls for live telecast of corruption cases on trial

corruptionMr Joe Ghartey, Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, has called on the Attorney General’s Office and Ghana Bar Association, to define the criteria to allow corruption cases to be shown live on television.

He said the country should capitalize on the impact of the live telecast of the court hearing of the election petition to broadcast corruption cases to expose high level public officials who engage in the evil act.

“If you look at the live telecast of the Public Account Committee, you will realize the huge impact it has had on the society,” he said.

Mr Ghartey made the call in a lecture at the first series of B.J. da Rocha Memorial Lectures and B.J. da Rocha Chair in Law and Politics in Accra on Tuesday.

The three-day lectures is on the theme: “The man B.J. da Rocha” and on sub themes such as “B.J. da Rocha as Statesman”, “B.J. da Rocha as Legal Educator,” and “B.J. da Rocha as Politician”.

The event is being organisde by MountCrest University College to honour the memory and legacy of Mr B.J. da Rocha who was a distinguished statesman, politician, legal educator and barrister.

Touching on the election petition, Mr Ghartey said the live telecast is helping Ghanaians to understand the court proceedings in order to have confidence in the Judiciary.

According to him, this would enable political parties to be more vigilant in the upcoming elections.

He commended the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party for their bold steps in resolving the 2012 general election in court rather than fighting on the streets.

Mr Ghartey described B.J. da Rocha as a real statesman who rose above petty party politics and was not afraid to speak his mind on both national and party issues.

“Looking from the 1960’s to the day B.J. da Rocha died, one can say he was an astute statesman and politician who stood for clean politics throughout his life,” he said.

“He is someone we all must emulate for the development of our dear nation,” he added.

Source: GNA

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