NRSC launches two-month road safety campaign in Tamale

trotroMr Alexander Ayattah, Northern Regional Director of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), has urged drivers to regard pedestrians as the most valuable road users to ensure their safety.

“Most drivers refuse to stop for pedestrians to cross the road at the various zebra walk and this has resulted in many road related fatalities,” he said.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at the Regional launch of a two-month long National Pedestrian Safety Campaign in Tamale on Tuesday, he said, more pedestrian related deaths and injuries may occur if drivers do not desist from unlawful acts.

As part of the launch, personnel of the NRSC have been stationed at various pedestrian crossings with information vans to educate drivers and other road users, while others have been posted to schools and other public places to raise awareness about the importance of pedestrian walkways.

There will also be educational programmes on the local radio stations.

The campaign forms part of activities marking the second United Nations Global Road Safety Week, which is being celebrated with a local theme: “Be Alert: Look out for other Road Users.”

Mr Ayattah said it was profitable for drivers to observe pedestrian regulations rather than to face the law by paying penalties or being imprisoned.

He said two out of every five road traffic deaths affects a pedestrian putting the highly diverse road user group including children, older people and teenagers at high risk.

“Most of these occur because we have collectively failed to plan for their needs in the design and construction of the road; failed to empower road users with knowledge to minimise the risk in order to reduce the related death and injuries,” he said.

A section of the pedestrian interviewed by GNA expressed worry about the impatient attitude of most drivers.

Alhassan Abubakari, 30, said he was nearly crushed by a car in the middle of a zebra crossing and called on the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit of the Ghana Police Service to arrest drivers who do not stop for pedestrians to cross the road.

Source: GNA

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