Resurrection of Christ signifies total liberation of mankind – Pastor

Reverend Benjamin Acquaye, the Hohoe Resident Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) on Easter Sunday said the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ signifies total liberation of mankind irrespective of race, status or colour.

He said the momentous event of Christ’s resurrection is a proof of Christ’s divinity, which again signalled his triumph over death, sin and evil.

Preaching the sermon on Easter Sunday, Rev Acquaye said Christ’s resurrection symbolises the rebirth of a new life, which envisions that all “dry bones” in the life of humans, plants, animals and inanimate things are reborn.

He said such a rebirth is pregnant with hope for the future.

“God is about to give our nation hope, victory and a turn-around we do not expect. In various sectors of this nation, God will give us a new breath of life,” Rev Acquaye assured.

He said Christ’s resurrection should affirm the commitment to real freedom, justice, probity and accountability as enshrined in the Constitution of the country.

Pastor Acquaye said all “lifeless entities and dry bones, which is affront to actualizing the affore-mentioned tenets should witness rebirth towards bringing life and hope to the hopeless and the underprivileged.”

We will be like the disciples, whose joy was rekindled, hope became alive again when Jesus appeared before his disciples after his resurrection.

In the same vein, he said “God will favour His people from suffering, from water scarcity, energy difficulties, corruption, strikes and whatever situations that confronts us as a nation.”

He entreated politicians and religious leaders to conduct their business in truth and honesty, to be touched by the grace and gift of God.

Rev Acquaye called for self-introspection and search of hearts to forgive and be forgiven to make the world habitable and equal before the Lord.

Source: GNA

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