Crocodile bites man to death at Gomoa Ayensuadze

Tragedy hit Gomoa Ayensuadze in the Central Region when a crocodile attacked some people fishing in a lake, resulting in the death of one of them.
Two others were wounded.

The deceased was identified as Kofi Ninsin.

Nana Onsomyameye, Omankrado of Ayensuadze, who made this known to newsmen, said the failure of the youth of the town to allow the performance of customary rites before entering the lake to fish accounted for the incident.

He therefore asked the youth not to look down on tradition.

According to the Omankrado the inhabitants for the past 350 years have been pouring libation into the lake to ask for the protection of the gods and their ancestors every year before they start fishing.
He said this year the youth did not wait for the tradition to be observed.

He said in some few minutes a huge crocodile emerged from the other side of the lake and attacked Mr Ninsin and two others.

The Omankrado said Mr Ninsin who was badly bitten by the reptile was rushed to Gomoa Abaasa Health Centre for first aid before being transferred to the Winneba Government Hospital, where he died on arrival.

Nana Onsonyameye said the body of Ninsin has been deposited at the Hospital’s mortuary for autopsy.

He said the two injured persons have been treated and discharged.

Nana Kofi Saah, Abusuapanyin of the town expressed dismay about the behaviour of the youth and some of the elders for refusing to respect tradition.
He said the chiefs and elders would do everything possible to ensure that the necessary customary rites are performed to avoid re-occurrence of the incidence.
Source: GNA

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