Ghana Election 2012: Two electoral officials beaten in Kumasi

A deputy electoral officer and a female technician received severe beating from voters at the Ayigya-Ahenbronoum polling centre in the Oforikrom Constituency over suspicion that they were trying to influence the election results in favour of a particular political party.

The swift intervention of the police patrol team saved them from being lynched.

The victims, Mr Arthur, and Nana Yaa, were accused of deliberately refusing to put the Electoral Commission (EC) stamp on ballot papers given out to voters with the view to invaliding those ballots.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Nicholas Opare-Ofosuhene, the Zongo Divisional Commander, confirmed the incident to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), and said the matter was being investigated.

The incident held up voting at the centre for more than 30 minutes.

The Electoral Commission (EC) later replaced the two officials to allow the exercise to continue amidst tight security.

Meanwhile, voters continue to pour in at the various polling centres in the Fomena Constituency.

As of midday, 250 out of the 763 registered voters had cast their ballot at the Adumanu R/C Primary.

At Abedwam D/A Primary, 300 voters had voted. The voter population there stands at 486.

Mr Richard Oduro Akromah, the presiding officer, praised the people for the maturity and comportment.

A taxi driver, Kwabena Boadu, who cast his vote at the Akrokerri Methodist Primary, complimented the peaceful nature of the polls in the area.

In the Mampong Constituency, the situation was similarly peaceful.

At the Adidwan Presbyterian Primary, 277 out of the 697 registered voters had exercised their franchise.

More than 69 per cent of voters had cast their ballot at the Dome Station as of 1300 hours.

At Sataso polling centre, 127 out of the 160 voters had turned out to vote.

However, at some centres in the Ejura-Sekyedomase Constituency, some voters were having difficulties with the verification machines.

The machines could not pick the fingers of about 20 voters at three centres – Ejura Presby Church, Dagomba Line and Low Cost.

Source: GNA

  1. John Bediako says

    As for this year the voting is very bad. it was announced that , the voting is 7.00 am sharp . i went there around 4.00 am to join a que and as at 10.00am the ballot box were not there and i think this election , GOD should crown someone who is Now Properly Prepared but not criminals who will spend the countries money .

  2. Anonymous says

    Surprise ! ! !. How come this attack. I hope it is not going to be the begining of violence in the country. Democracy is not the act of craciness.

  3. Enter your name... says

    It is GOD that instal kings, may He put whoever is capable of moving us forward in this our nation.

  4. Anonymous says

    God help us!!

  5. Isaac E Agbai says

    well, we keep praying for Ghana

  6. Odewale boneshaker. says

    I hear alot of voice of ndc followers but im surprise to declare that nadaa(nana)is the winner for the prez side of de election

  7. felix quarcopome says

    it is God who reigns a king so mpls forgive those fooling

  8. Concerned citizen says

    It serves them right. Why are they cheating? If you cheat, you get beaten

  9. Enter your name... says

    Don’t fuel the country with your frustation.Do you know how difficult to organize an event and morever an election ?

  10. Ooo Allah help us

  11. Abubakar Ismail says

    i think the whole process of the voting is corrupt whiles others vote and others dont vote is this what they say is accessible.God i know you have already make your decision the NDC is not good for Ghana and God will punish them.

  12. Enter your name... says

    just do the right tins

  13. yakubu iddi says

    results released so far is very unfavorable to my party (CPP) but that does not change my mind because cpp will surely come to power again someday.

  14. Tahiru Abbas says

    Indeed, voters are woried with the break-down of some beometric machine.In some areas voting is smooth.
    I hope this year’s election will end in peace.

  15. Kaakyire Samuel. says

    At my station,it was peaceful election.just that a guy came trying 2 pick 1 of the ballot box.and we the officials caught & beat him nicely.

  16. me says

    we should leave religion out of creates problems and violence…that is why democracy has laws to seperate church and state , so violent religious extremism will not interfere with the election or results.people should vote on real tangible issues and laws not beliefs or faith that are intangibile .

  17. zhangxi says

    i hope this will be peaceful

  18. zhangxi says

    i am a chinese. i don’t want see any disturbance this year

  19. Ghanaian says

    Most people here seem to be confused and/or ignorant and can’t make the difference between E.C and the government. If you are still in a queue and you have not yet had the opportunity to vote that has nothing to do with the government, if you have to blame anybody it should be the E.C…

  20. PASCAL ADAMS says


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