Vote NDC and NPP out to ensure Ghana remains peaceful – Nduom

Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom – PPP Leader

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, the presidential candidate of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) has urged the electorate to vote for the PPP to ensure that Ghana progresses in peace and unity.

He said the actions and utterances of the leaders and supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) would negate the peace and tranquility of the country and as such the two parties did not deserve the vote of Ghanaians.

“If these two parties would plunge this country into an unwanted situation, then it behooves on Ghanaians to do the right thing and vote them out…..The PPP is a peaceful party and Ghanaians should give us the mandate to develop this nation in peace”.

Dr Nduom made the appeal at several mini rallies in the Western Region to round up his campaign tour across the country that was centered on job creation for progress and development.

The party is campaigning vigorously in constituencies it has comparative advantage to win parliamentary seats.

Dr Nduom made stops in Jomoro, Ellembele, Ahanta West, Mpohor Fiase East, Kwesimintsim, Takoradi and Shama.

The PPP flagbearer told the electorate to shun the negative propaganda that a vote for the party would be a waste because all the political entities were going into the elections with zero votes.

He appealed to those who liked the message of the PPP to vote massively for the party to address the socio-economic problems of the country.

Dr Nduom received a rousing welcome in all those constituencies and received positive assurances from the people who said they were “tired” of the “divisive” politics of the other political parties.

He urged them to examine both the personal and public lives of all the aspirants vying for the Presidency in the 2012 elections, and vote accordingly.

Dr Nduom said governance was for people who were serious and not for leaders who buy their way to the top.

He said it was unfortunate that some politicians were buying votes from the electorate, asking, “If you have given a good account of yourself why would you want to pay for someone’s vote”

In the Jomoro constituency, the party visited the Sowodazen market where market women abandoned their wares and cheered Dr. Nduom.

Dr Nduom told them to examine their lives and what the 20 years of voting had brought to them and urged them to vote for someone whom they could identify with and who understood their plight.

He introduced the party’s parliamentary candidate for the constituency, Mrs. Margaret Blay Kenya, and asked the people to vote for her.

At the Ellembelle constituency, Dr Nduom called on the people to reject the two-party  status quo and vote for the PPP for competent incorruptible leadership that would solve Ghana’s problems.

He told the people that no political party had a single vote going into the election and that they should make an emphatic endorsement of the PPP in the polls to better their lot.

Source: GNA

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