US electoral system may need reforms – Political Scientist

Professor Kenneth Mayer, of the Political Science Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison says the Electoral College system of the United States of America needs to be reformed as it does not allow popular votes to determine who sits in the White House.

He said the US has 528 electoral colleges, out of which 270 votes determines a presidential winner, adding, “A party may have the popular votes but lose the elections.”

Professor Mayer said the framers of the American constitution were mindful of the majority rule system and its associated abuses and therefore wanted to insulate the presidency, but the system has raised some questions in recent times particularly in the 2000 elections.

The Political Science Professor said though the system could have seen a change during the 2000 elections where lots of issues were raised, it did not materialize because of the September 11, attack that changed the focus of all Americans into national security.

Mr. Paul Fanlund, Political Reporter of the Capital Times said increase in partisanship has brought some competitiveness in the states, which had intensified the Electoral College system.

He however predicted a narrow victory for the Democrats and for that matter President Obama.

Mr. Craw Young, Professor of Political Science, who spoke on African governments’ and the US federal as well as state and local government’s effort to promote transparency and community organization, said Africa had the chance to enjoy priority attention from a second tenure of Obama’s Presidency.

He said African countries did not do well in the early 80s and 90s after years of political independence because of coups and military overthrows but is has now chosen a better option of democracy to advance its economic and political growth.

Mr. Young prayed that Africa would come to a point where elections would not be characterized with tensions and security issues, which goes to affirm the growth of a country and its commitment at advancing peace and national cohesion.

Source: GNA

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