Romney’s Call Centre canvasses for votes

Mitt Romney

With only two days to go for the United States elections, the two leading political parties have stepped up their campaign activities to win more votes.

At Wisconsin, believed to be a battleground in US elections for both the Republicans and Democrats, have seen the current Democrats regime visit the State five times and is yet to make another last appearance by Monday.

The Republicans have set up a call-centre at Wisconsin where volunteers were seen busily calling and reminding or persuading friends and families to give their vote to Romney.

During a visit to the Mitt Romney Call Centre at Madison-Wisconsin about 12 volunteers were seen making calls to convince last minute voters and swing voters.

Mr. Greg Christensen, an Engineer, told the GNA that though he voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 elections, the Democrats government had not lived up to expectation in terms of national defence, health care, taxes and spending on federal agencies.

He said, “The race may be close for both Obama and Romney but I think Romney will win”, adding that, “I have made over 90 calls and sent messages within just an hour.”

Mr. Brian Schemming, First Vice Chairman of the Republican Party at Wisconsin said the Republicans won both majority in Congress and in the Senate in 2010 and that it would not be surprising should the party carry the federal electoral victory.

He said Wisconsin was a major determining State in getting a party to the White House and therefore the party was poised at working for victory in that state.

Source: GNA

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