National Lottery Authority’s IT platform shutdown

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) on Friday urged stakeholders not to fear and panic over the shutdown of its Information Technology platform by SIMNET, one of the authority’s services providers.”

Mr Kojo Graham, Board member NLA at a press conference in Accra noted that in spite of the apparent loss of SIMNET platform all operations and initiatives of the NLA were ongoing.

Mr Graham told Lotto Marketing Companies (LMC’s) with credit on their Terminal Pari Mutuels (TPM’s) that they were in contact with SIMNET and EDITEC to show good will to provide the NLA with balances on TPM’s to its transfer credit onto Portable Automated Data Processing Machines (PADPMs).

According to Mr Graham “the current situation is what we would like to describe as a “temporary setback”, adding that in spite of the shutdown the platform activities of the NLA would not be disturbed.

“Fortunately the NLA in 2010 also began the implementation of a parallel system to serve as back up in situations like this. This alternative system is running efficiently and so those who wish to stake are encouraged to do so,” he added.

Mr Graham said stakers accounts would be credited, adding winnings would also be declared and payment made to winners.

Also, Mr Graham assured LMC’s that their Commission would be computed and paid and said patrons should present their tickets for validation, adding once the tickets were authenticated the winnings would be paid accordingly.

When asked whether the NLA’s set back would affect the revenue generation, the Board member said the authority had achieved 87 per cent of its commitment to the Consolidated Funds, adding “we are sure that with the current performance levels of PADPMs, we shall exceed the remaining 13 per cent by the close of the year.

Giving a background to the NLA’s set back, Mr Graham said SIMNET on October 3, this year shutdown the NLA’s IT platform.

Mr Graham said per text message by the Chief Executive Officer of SIMNET, Mr Kofi Tettey Sedalo informed the NLA’s Director General Mr Kojo Andah that they had received instructions from the principals, EDITEC France to shutdown its platform.

According to him, by SIMNETs decision, it sought to clear about 60 per cent of its activities.

In 2011, the NLA said it made a request to enter into SIMNET systems in order to carry out an IT audit of the online lottery systems.

The purpose of the audit, according to Mr Graham was to “verify the integrity of the system in accordance with standards set by the World Lottery Association of which NLA is member.”

“The purpose of the request was to certify what the NLA was paying for,” he added.

SIMNET, Mr Graham said for some unexplained reasons turned down the NLA’s request and also proceeded to court.

Source: GNA

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