Water shortage hits Amasaman, Ghana Urban Water offficials accused

The residents of Amasaman and its environs have been deprived of water supply for the past two weeks due to the illegal activity allegedly committed by officials of the Ghana Urban Water Limited (GUWL).

Speaking at a press briefing Mr Abdul Aziz Salifu Malik, Communication Manager of K. Adu Construction, said on September 13 armed security operatives led by Stanley Martey, Public Relations Officer of GUWL and Jordan Oku, disconnected the bulk meters of K. Adu Construction and Plumbing Works Limited which quantifies the volume of water entering the entire community.

He said the government in its efforts to make life comfortable for the people of Ga West Municipality, awarded a contract to K. Adu Construction to extend water portable drinking water to the community on June, 2011.

Since then, he said, the company per its mandate had delivered on the terms of the contract in spite of its numerous challenges saying that about 500 people in the community now enjoy some relative supply of potable pipe borne water through the initiative.

Mr Malik said the goodwill of the government and the people of Ghana had been threatened by the illegal activity of Stanley Martey and other officials, who claimed they are they are independent of the Ghana Water Company Limited.

“We wonder how the GUWL could conduct this operation as there are procedures and processes for addressing the disconnection,” he said.

Mr Malik said he suspected some staff of GUWL wanted to use this unfortunate event to promote their own agenda and further their parochial interests.

He called on government to institute an inquiry into the activities of GUWL and the perpetrator must be brought to book for Better Ghana Agenda to flourish.

Source: GNA

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