Association International becomes first school in Ghana to adopt Singapore Math curriculum

Accra-based Association International School (AIS) has become the first school in Ghana to adopt the Singapore Math Curriculum.

With the adoption, an internationally recognized Singapore Math expert, Cassandra Turner has been selected to assist AIS with its implementation of the curriculum.

Ms Turner was invited by AIS Head, Audrey H. Doryumu. Turner will be at AIS this month September 2012 to train teachers become familiar with Singapore Math and learn how it is best used in the classroom.

She will return to AIS in the Spring of 2013 for a follow-up visit.

Doryumu says, “I am very excited that Ms. Turner will be training our teachers. I believe Singapore Math will develop and sharpen our students’ reasoning skills and allow them to become thinkers and free them from the fear and dislike of mathematics.”

Turner said, “I am honored that Head of School Doryumu invited me to Ghana to conduct Singapore Math training for teachers at the Association International School.”

Ms Turner has introduced the Singapore Math to thousands of teachers, administrators and parents in 30 states in the US, Mexico and Canada.

She currently conducts two different Singapore Math Workshops for the Bureau of Education & Research (BER) and hosts, a website featuring news, resources, reviews and more.

By Ekow Quandzie

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