Pharmacists nation-wide strike leaves Juaso Hospital patients stranded

The on-going strike by Government and Hospital Pharmacists nationwide, has brought activities at the Juaso District Hospital to a halt as patients are stranded following the closure of dispensary by the hospital’s pharmacist, Mr. Opoku Afriyie.

Mr. Afriyie is said to have locked the door and taken away the keys despite efforts by management of the hospital for him to release the keys.

When the Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the facility this afternoon, dozens of patients, who had already seen the doctor, had gathered at the main entrance of the dispensary with the inscription “CLOSED” boldly pasted on the gate.

Not even a plea by the District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr. De-graft Fokuo would make Mr. Afriyie rescind his decision as he insisted pharmacists had been taken for granted for far too long.

He told the GNA at his residence that he had supplied emergency drugs to various units to take care of emergencies and would not succumb to any pressure to open the dispensary until directed by his superiors from the regional level.

Asked if he could not release the keys to the Dispensary Technicians to administer drugs to patients while he stayed away, he said such a move would violate the Pharmacy Act, which stipulates that the pharmacist must supervise the administering of certain essential drugs.

Mr. Osei Mintah, Administrator of the hospital, when contacted said after failing to retrieve the keys from the pharmacist, the situation had been reported to the regional health directorate.

Meanwhile, arrangements were being made to secure some drugs from the sub-districts to mitigate the impact of the situation, Mr. Mintah noted.

He said management was going to hold a meeting to decide on what action to take next.

Dr. Kwame Kusi Agyemang, the Medical Superintendent of the hospital expressed grave concern about the situation and called on the pharmacists to add some human face in pressing home their demand.

Source: GNA

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  1. Nana says

    Is strike the only language this FWSC can understand ?
    Why are there always strikes before labour issues are addressed ?
    In reading the other articles on this issues; i blame the FWSC is any person dies !


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