Ghana Police sacks 947 officials

A total of 947 policemen and women have been dismissed from the Ghana Police Service for various acts of misconduct within three years, Vice President John Dramani Mahama announced on Friday.

“Although we have bad nuts in every establishment, I want to commend the Police administration for cracking the whip on… which I believe will go a long way to deter other officers from indulging in acts against the code of conduct of the police service.” He added.

Vice President Mahama announced this during the annual Ghana Police service West African Security Service Activities (WASSA) 2011 end-of year party at the Police Headquarters in Accra.

The annual programme is meant to refresh police officials for working throughout the year and to reward those who have distinguished themselves in their areas of operation.

Vice President Mahama who is also the Chairman of the National Police Council said the police had performed tremendously by clamping down on some of the criminal activities that could have jeopardised the lives of the citizenry.

He said apart from providing the service with vehicles, forensic laboratory and other logistics over the years, government would continue to provide all the necessary support to enable the personnel to execute their duties efficiently and professionally.

The Vice President said government had put up a back-up plan to provide 3,500 housing units for the security services out of which, 2.000 would be given to the Ghana Police Service to de-congest most of their barracks.

He condemned people who had over the years engaged the police in all kinds of violent exchanges, warning that government would deal ruthlessly with the culprits who want to derail the smooth house cleaning exercise by the police service.

He also cautioned the police against using the media to settle their personal and organizational scores as that could expose the cracks in the service for criminals to capitalize on.

Mr Paul Tawiah Quaye, Inspector General of Police (IGP) gave the assurance that inspite of the challenges the service is facing, the personnel would discharge their duties dispassionately during this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

He called on the public to cooperate with the police by providing useful information that would help reduce crime and other acts of indiscipline in the country.

The IGP cautioned the personnel against indulging in activities that could tarnish the image of the service adding “as personnel of the police service, you must demonstrate a high level of professionalism both in words and indeed, by exhibiting impartiality and fairness to all parties in order to win their trust and confidence.”

Source: GNA

  1. GG says

    Expand these crackdown to customs, revenue collectors and othe government agencies, sooner the better else they will never stop. That is many of us don’t leave in the country is so sad and pathetic. CRIMINALS AS MY MOTHER CALL THEM. MENECS TO SOCIETY!!

  2. Enter your name...frank morphy says

    they shldn’t have been sacked but rada punished b’cos the men are not enough.

  3. Enter your name... says

    They suppose to be discipline not sacking will be the solution.

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