Ghana, Togo security agencies arrest suspected shoplifting syndicate

Ghanaian and Togolese security agencies are investigating a shoplifting syndicate busted in Lome last Friday.

Sunday Obi, 35, a Nigerian, suspected to be the leader of the criminal ring is being held in custody in Lome with two others, while efforts are being made to trace other accomplices said to have crossed the border to Aflao.

Mr Daniel Dzansi, Aflao District Police Crime Officer told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the modus operandi of the ring was for them  to enter a shop with parcels of papers and discarded clothes purported to be goods bought from the shops earlier.

He said two of the suspects would carry the newly bought items out leaving behind the false luggage and a colleague ostensibly to pay for the items.

Mr Dzansi said the colleague lurking around in the store would sneak out at the blind side of the shopkeeper leaving the false package behind.

A Togolese security officer who led Obi to Aflao where he said other accomplices were resident told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that Obi’s gang on the day of the arrest bought 60 pieces of “exotic ladies dresses” worth about GH¢3,000 and escaped.

He said Obi was however identified somewhere in town by Madam Ida Godzi, the shop owner, who alerted the security for his arrest.

Mr Dzansi said Obi failed to lead the Aflao Police to the abode of the said accomplices.

He stressed that Ghanaian and Togolese security had been cooperating to stem cross-border crimes and that the criminals would no longer have things easy.

Meanwhile, Obi is being kept in custody by the Togolese security in Lome.

Source: GNA

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