Mayor gets support from Ga Chiefs in making Accra clean, safe

Dr. Vanderpuije - Accra Mayor

The Ga Traditional Council (GTC) on Thursday pledged its support for  Mr Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) in his quest to make Accra safe during heavy rains or any other natural disaster.

The GTC said the unsanitary conditions of the city is appalling and would therefore not sit down unconcerned when people frustrate the efforts of the MCE to turn the city around.

At  a press conference attended by members of the GTC, Nii Okaija III, Gbese Manste who spoke on behalf of Council therefore asked the Mr Vanderpuije not to be perturbed about the “no vote tactics” some people are using against him.

The GTC said its support for the MCE should not be viewed as partisan but rather a move to allow sanity in the metropolis and make Accra one of the finest cities in Africa.

He said when Mr Vanderpuije embarked on the bold project to beautify the city it was supported all by the chiefs and queen mothers of the Ga state under the leadership of King Tackie Tawiah III.

“We supported him then and we support him now,” he said, noting that Ghana is the gateway to Africa, hence the need for a millennium city, to  welcome foreigners.

Nii Okaija reiterated that the non partisan support of the GTC is  all “about the survival of the city and about showing the world that 50 years on Accra we have moved up and not down”.

He said irrespective of the political persuasion of members of the Council the MCE had displayed commitment for “the betterment of our beloved city”.

The Ga Manye (Queen mother) Naa Dedei Omaadra said the indiscipline in Accra must stop  for sanity to prevail, adding that the threats of no votes should  not deter the authorities from pursuing the right agenda.

She also called on the citizenry to approach the December 7 General Election with calm.

Nii Ayikai Adjin-Tettey , Member of the Dzase (Stool Fathers) said he was appalled by the indiscipline and filth  that had engulfed the city.

Nii Dodoo Nsaki II, Otublohum Manste said the Council would support any government which aims at transforming Accra.

He said the ongoing demolitions to paved way for the free flow of flood waters to prevent disaster should be praised and not condemned.

He appealed to the MCE to continue with his positive policies to rid the Metropolis of filth and unauthorised structures to give Accra the needed facelift.

Source: GNA

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