14 youth groups sign Integrity Pact to to promote peace during 2012 elections

Reverend Dr. Fred Degbe, Chairman of Ghana Anti Corruption Coalition (GACC), on Thursday urged Ghanaians to unite to ensure the country remained orderly and peaceful during and after Election 2012.

“This is our country and we must endeavour to safeguard it,’ he added.

Rev. Degbe made the call at the signing of an Integrity Pact, between GACC and 14 youth groups in the country, to promote peace during the elections.

It is a follow-up to workshops organises by GACC, in five Regions to promote peaceful elections through the involvement of youth groups.

He pointed out that the fact that five elections had been held successfully in the country, did not necessarily mean a sixth election would automatically be held without any incident.

“We should not take our peace for granted. When the trouble comes, whether you are part of it or not, it affects you. Ensure that you prevent the destruction of the country through violence. This is our country and we must do our best to safeguard it.”

Rev. Degbe said violence initiated by political upheaval only sunk a country into deeper turmoil, leaving it in ruins, and destroying every bit of progress that had been made over the years.

He said one had a deeper appreciation for the need to pro-actively prevent political chaos, by looking at “What is happening to some of our West African neighbours”.

Mr Samuel Akuamoah, Director of Programmes, National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), said ultimately which political party won or lost the election was not the most important thing, adding that what was necessary was the ability of the nation to remain intact under the rule of law.

“Anyone who thinks the election is for his party or family should note that when we vote, it is for the national good and not for any person’s interest,” he said.

Mr Akuamoah said Ghana was seen as a beacon of hope in Africa with respect to its enviable political record, adding that this had to be maintained because it served as a ray of light, not only for Ghana but the entire African continent.

A representative of the youth groups, Mr Sika Antobre, said over the years, the youth had been used by “Most hungry politicians who have their children in other countries to engage in election violence”.

He said the youth had awakened from their slumber, and were resolute in safeguarding the confidence that the people of Africa had in Ghana.

Mr Antobre said the youth sought to participate fully in ensuring the stability of the nation’s political process.

“We would involve ourselves in preventing any act that would threaten the political stability that this country has enjoyed over the years,” he said.

Source: GNA

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  1. one important tool we can use to achive this goal is to organise district/municipal/metropolitan cultural dance events across the lengh and breadth of our country.

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