Stop disturbing Ghanaians over judgement debt if … – NDC tells NPP

The Youth Wing of the Central Regional branch of the National Democratic Congress has appealed to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to stop disturbing Ghanaians over the judgement debt paid to Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome if they are not prepared to help the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) to unravel the truth.

At an emergency meeting at Cape Coast, Mr Ato Amoah, Regional Youth Organiser described the decision of the NPP to boycott EOCO as most unfortunate.

He said Ghanaians needed to know the truth about the judgement debt, and that the NPP which was making the loudest noise about the money paid to Mr Woyome refused to go forward when called upon to give evidence.

“What do they want to hide from Ghanaians or do the NPP want to tell Ghanaians that they did not exercise due diligent in the discharge of their duties when they were in power?”,  he queried, saying that “They must give Ghanaians a brake, because the people are fed-up with them”.

The NDC Youth Organiser appealed to NPP to stop showing disrespect to President John Evans Atta Mills since “any disrespect shown to the President is a disrespect shown to God”. This is because Ghanaians went on their knees in 2008 to pray to God to give the nation a good leader who could bring peace and development to the nation.

He said Professor Mills winning the election was a divine intervention and since it was God who elected him, He would protect him and ensure that he is re-elected to complete his good work and second term.

Mr Amoah reminded the NPP that elections were not won through misinformation, false propaganda and insults.

He advised NDC supporters to stand firm and not to allow detractors of the party to use money or sweet promises to lead them astray.

He observed that all the interventions initiated by Former President Kufour’s administration which were being trumpeted were initiated during his second term of office, so President Mills should also be allowed to enjoy his second term to see what he would be able to achieve for the nation.

Source: GNA

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