Wood workers crave for more efficient industry

The Wood Village Workers Association has lauded government for its resolve to sustain the ecology through prudent land and forest management practices.

It said the introduction of the National Plantation Development programme, ban on illegal chain-saw and other bold initiatives were crucial to protect the environment and quality of life of the people.

The Association drew attention to the need for more to be done in the area of ensuring the availability of 20 per cent of legally-sawn lumber on the local market.

Togbe Mawufeame Fugah, President of the Association, stated that wood workers depended mostly on lumber as their main source of raw materials and therefore denying them of the needed supplies could stifle growth in the industry.

He was addressing the annual Get-Together of the Association in Kumasi.

Togbe Fugah advised the workers to take seriously the on-going capacity-building seminars being organized by the association to improve their efficiency at work.

He cautioned all segments of the Association to unite and live peacefully for their own benefit.

Source: GNA

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