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“NDC losing popularity in Ho Central”

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The popularity of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ho Central Constituency is waning very fast and the party may face difficulties in election 2011.

“Our image is so bad that people do not want to hear about us or get near us, even our executives are divided” Mr Seth Adetor, a former Propaganda Secretary of the Party, has said.

He blamed the situation on disunity and emergence of divisions and camps within the Party in the Constituency.

Mr Adetor said this at an end- of-year meeting and luncheon for members of the Party in the Constituency.

He said the Party was not taking advantage of its being in power to attract many more people to its side and predicted that unless petty issues and misunderstandings were resolved and branch and constituency executives sat up the Party would find it tough in the 2012 general elections.

He therefore advised the Constituency Executives to close their ranks and educate the public on the achievements of government especially in rural areas.

“Our government’s focus is the rural areas. We have to let people know about what is happening in the rural areas,” he said.

Mr Hanock Davis Bansah, Ho Central Constituency Chairman, said the Executive was unable to organize outreach programmes for lack of financial resources and unity.

Discussions at the meeting focused on disunity in the Party with some agitating for a no-confidence vote in some members of the Constituency executive.

Source: GNA

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  1. I do not agree with him. N D C is growing from strength to strength.

  2. U may say so Agbo but the truth is that Ndc lost the election long ago. The signs are on the wall. The Npp believed the same way you do now and paid dearly for it. It is unfortunate you and those enjoying now have fallen victim to this human frailty. Today’s hike in fuel prices will take the party back to the opposition. Come to think of it, who increases fuel during Xmas? Do we have politicians in the Ndc? It looks like there exists only opportunists whose vision are beclouded by greed, avarice and delusion. To think of the poor souls who sacrificed so much to bring the party to power going through this agony is disheartening. As Rawlings said yesterday, WISE UP or blame yourself