Muslim professionals urged to promote and market Islam in Ghana

The Ghana Muslim Academy (GMA) has held its 18th Annual General Meeting to celebrate 18 years of its existence with a call on Muslim professionals to re-invigorate the Islamic brand to promote and market Islam in Ghana.

The event which was held in Accra was also to adopt and review the programmes and projects of the academy, discuss strategic plans and swear in new National Executives to run the academy for the next three (3) years.

The theme for the occasion was “living the Islamic brand, a responsibility on all Muslims”.

Mr Ali Abdallah Nakyea, Lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Admistration (GIMPA) and the Ghana Law School (GLS), said Muslim Professionals is to be an example of sincere obedience and love, kindness and respect, infinite compassion, utter politeness and deep gratitude to recognize the status and know their duties towards Allah’s command.

“Our role as Ghanaian market professionals lies in our quest to promote and market Islam in Ghana,” he said.

He said to promote and market Islam as Muslim professionals, there was the need to appreciate that the Muslim religion needs some emergency branding work to re-assert its global brand.

Mr Abdallah Nkyea was speaking on the topic ‘promoting and marketing Islam in Ghana, the role of the Ghanaian Muslim Professionals’.

He said the brand value of Islam, Muslims professionals agreed, was an ongoing dispute around sectarian, political and social differences which is likely to be answered soon, and the values must be exhibited throughout all aspects of Islamic brands.

He said the Islamic religion gives importance to both inner belief and works and does not entail acts of ritual worship that belief in the heart without being apparent in one actions, “the qualities and attitudes of Muslim professionals should strive to posses the character and responsibility in promoting and marketing Islam in Ghana.”

Dr Mustafa Ahmed, Deputy Minister of Water Resources Works and Housing and Member of Parliament for Ayawasu East, said the Muslim religion is a very unique religion that stands tall above all religions.

He said as a true Muslim one is expected to observe all Islamic obligations enshrined by the religion including the total manners of social, economic and cultural values.

Dr Mustafa said that Islam is the fastest growing Religion in the world, so there was the need to  promote and market the Islamic religion in Ghana.

He said the 1992 constitution of Ghana gives every citizen of this country the right to practice and worship the religion of his or her choice.

Dr Mustapha assured all Muslims and Ghanaians that Government is committed to ensuring that the upcoming elections will be free, fair, transparent and peaceful election.

Real Admiral Mohammed Muniru Tahiru Commandant, Ghana Military Academy and Training School, said Allah created mankind to worship him.

“As Muslims on judgments Day we will be call upon to account for and how we use our time in worshiping Allah our creature,” he said.

Source: GNA

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