Merrymakers spend Boxing Day amid mixed feelings

Most holiday makers in Accra spent the Boxing Day (a day set aside to share and give gifts to loved ones) with mixed feelings as some preferred economic prudence to throwing extravagant parties.

The Ghana News Agency’s (GNA) observations, especially in the city on Monday revealed that patrons of December 24th and Christmas Day, especially at drinking bars, restaurants and other recreational centres, far outnumbered those on Boxing Day.

Most fun makers were spotted in groups of five, six and seven rather than in dozens, hundreds and perhaps thousands, typical of such festive seasons.

Even at popular spots in Dansoman, Sakaman, Mamprobi, all suburbs of Accra, a mere pocket of revelers were seen chatting over drinks, khebab and other delicacies on Boxing Day.

The vehicular traffic situation in the city worsened the situation, as many indicated it was no fun traveling to an interesting place. Staying at home to enjoy food and drinks with families became the better option for many.

Few merrymakers were seen at “Enso Nyame Ye,” a popular and hot spot near Sakaman in Accra.

The situation was no different at Dela’s Home Cook, Joint 9 and 9, Tian Tani, Spices Kitchen and Pup, Gold House, Homestyle, Mr Bigs, Smoothness Touch and other drinking bars in Accra.

Kwame, a middle-aged fun lover, said he had decided to “take it cool” since he spent most of his monies the previous day. “I have to save some of the monies for January 1st and the days to follow,” he added.

The GNA news team touring these areas saw many holiday makers,especially those who visited the beaches, trekking home with their sand-laden foot and drenched clothes.

Others in bikinis who could not walk, joined long queues at lorry stations relishing for a taxi or trotro to show up.

Source: GNA

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