Bolgatanga Estate residents say they are unsafe

Residents of Bolgatanga Estates have expressed concern about armed attacks on them by robbers and said they had suffered injury and lost property in such attacks.

Speaking at a meeting with the Assemblyman for Tindongmolgo Electoral Area, Mr Rashid Bawa Agana, said some of the victims were raped and that the robberies were sometimes committed during the day when the workers were in the office.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Charles Obire, Regional Staff Officer of the Police Service, said the Service had had put in place measures, including day and night patrols, to tackle the problem.

He said the formation of a Community Watchdog Committee would complement efforts of the police to deal with the criminals.

ASP Obire reminded them that alleged criminals should be handed over to the police instead of molesting them.

Source: GNA

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