Elmina Beach deserted, as gold miners meet Omanhene

Hundreds of gold diggers who besieged the Elmina Beach since last week in search of gold have abandoned the expedition following radio announcements that they will be arrested by the police if they continued their activities.

When the Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the beach on Thursday morning, the whole stretch of the beach from Aisa, a suburb of Elmina, to the Elmina Castle area which was previously inundated with “miners” had been deserted.

The GNA followed up to the Edinamanhen’s palace where dozens of the gold diggers met with Nana Kodwo Conduah VI to appeal to him to allow them to search for gold at the beach to enable them earn a living.

Nana Conduah, however, told them to exercise restraint until next week Monday, December 5, whilst he met with officials of the Mineral’s Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency to ascertain the impact the mining activity will have on the beach to enable them to decide whether to allow them to continue or not.

The residents engaged in the mining agreed with the decision by Nana Conduah  but  threatened that they will continue their activities if they did not hear from him on the agreed date.

Source: GNA

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  1. GG says

    Elimina will be covered by sea if galamsey continues to dig the ground. Mercury is danderous to human health, fish when takes mercury can give it to human by eating it, very dangerous

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