Need for effective implementation of initiatives in health sector – Minister

The Minister of Health, Mr Joseph Yieleh Chireh, on Tuesday said while many initiatives had been implemented within the health sector over the years, there was still the need to ensure their effective implementation to serve the needs of the people.

He noted that the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) although a laudable scheme, its implementation could be improved to serve the beneficiaries better.

Mr Yieleh Chireh said thjis during the signing of an Aide Memoir between the Ministry of Health and its development partners in Accra.

He said the Memoir was of great relevance, as a follow up to the recently held health summit in Accra, adding “This  Memoir would ensure that we handle the pertinent issues we discussed with the urgency required”.

The Minister said  the availability of drugs, as well as adequate financing in the health sector were some of the pertinent issues that needed to be addressed.

“That is why the signing of this Memoir is of great essence,” he said, adding, “We in the Ministry would endeavour to strengthen our health systems”.

Dr Daniel Kertesz , World Health Organisation representative who signed for Ghana’s development partners, said the health summit, that culminated in the signing of the Aide Memoir, was proof of the fact that conclusions reached at the summit would in due course be implemented.

He pledged the continued  support for Ghana’s health sector and expressed the hope that there would be improvement in the implementation of initiatives within the sector in future.

The Annual Health Summit  was held in Accra from November 23-25, on the theme “Going Beyond Strategy to Action” to facilitate  planning and budgeting within the health sector  for 2012.

In addition, it was to strengthen health systems to accelerate the attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Source: GNA

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