Infrastructural development will lift Ghana’s economy – President Mills

President John Atta Mills

President John Evans Atta Mills has explained that the Government is focusing on infrastructure development for Ghana’s economic to take off that would create an environment attractive to Ghanaians and foreign investors to participate heavily in the economy.

“We believe that once we have tackled the infrastructure issue, we’ll attract you to come back to Ghana,” President Mills said in Ottawa, the capital of Canada at the week-end, where he ends a four-day working visit on Sunday.

President Mills explained at a Town Hall meeting with the Ghanaians in Canada that the Government considered the development of infrastructure very important in the drive for investment.

He said this is to create an atmosphere similar to which existed elsewhere where investors with the wherewithal and professionals had taken up their studies are coming from.

This, he said, would save the time of doing business guarantee a level of job satisfaction.

Consequently, Government is paying attention to the development of good access roads, constant supply of water and electricity and  good schools coupled with a reliable judicial system, and provision of a reliable security service.

President Mills said the Government is also working on providing state-of-the-art equipment at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital and improving the delivery of health service.

“I also take the issue of energy and power supply very seriously, as part of ensuring constant power to the hospitals, solar energy is being looked at but it rather has an initial high cost.  However, experimentation is underway in some parts of the country.We need a factory that will produce solar panels,” he said.

On the political front, President Mills said the Government is committed to ensuring that Election 2012 would be credible, free, fair and transparent.

He asked Ghanaians living abroad not be believing all the negative information about the Government, but offer their support for the success of government’s programmes.

Source: GNA

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