Governance, service delivery improve in Cape Coast Metro – Survey

The Reverend Professor Samuel Adjepong ,  Chairman of  the National African Peer Review Mechanism Governing Council,  (NAPRM-GC)  has said  service  delivery and governance have improved greatly in the Cape Coast Metropolis.

Prof. Adjepong, who said this at  a validation  workshop jointly organized  by the NAPRM and the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly Oversight committee in Cape Coast,  stressed that  areas  like  Education, Health, Food Security, Freedoms and Rights and Security and Safety were all functioning effectively in the Metropolis.

Reporting on a survey, conducted by the NAPRM in September , Prof. Adjepong  said  a total of  340   questionnaires were administered to members of district assemblies, traditional authorities, public servants,  private sector operators , and  a cross section of the public in Cape Coast, Abura, Pedu, Kakumdo, Nkafoa and Efutu, all in the Central Region.

The goal of the survey was to find out how democracy and good political governance, economic governance and management, corporate governance and socio-economic development were functioning in the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly.

Prof. Adjepong said on Education 70.4 per cent  respondents indicated that there was much improvement   in access to education  with 56.2 indicating that there was  improvement in the quality of Education.

On Security and Safety, he said  257 out  340 said  armed robbery had not been  a concern to them in recent times, while 247 respondents  indicated that there was no violent disturbance  in their communities.

The Chairman said on Food Security it was revealed that  24.5 per cent  skipped at least one  meal  in a week whiles 41.7  per cent skipped a meal because of religious beliefs.

On Health,  the survey revealed  that  64.1 per cent reported that there has been improvement  in the availability of health facilities with 69.8 per cent indicating  that there has been an improvement in access to health services in terms of  fees and distance whiles 62.4 per cent  reported  that there has been an improvement in the quality of health services.

On Freedoms and Rights,  the report  indicated that 316 out of 337 said they have not been assaulted or insulted for expressing themselves whiles 6.2 per cent reported they had either been assaulted or insulted.

On Economic Governance and Management,  the report indicated that  73.7  per cent  had difficulty getting  wage employment in their communities while on Corruption 42.9  per cent  reported  bribery, 20.5 per cent indicated that there is  nepotism  in their community,  18.2 per cent recorded tender irregularities  and  15.9 per cent  reported mal-administration of funds.

Mrs  Rose Tenkorang , who represented the Regional Director of Education, urged  parents to take responsibility of their children’s education and make sure they get the best of education.

She commended the Metropolitan Assembly for providing more schools, furniture and other teaching and learning materials to schools in the Metropolis.

Source: GNA

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