Floods ground business to a halt in parts of Accra

Many businesses within the Accra metropolis have lost millions of Ghana cedis in damaged property as a result of the torrential rains that hit the city last night.

The businesses, which include both small, medium to large scale companies, had their property either submerged in water or carried away by the floods.

The worse hit are  businesses along the Graphic Road towards the Obetsebi Lamptey Circle where the overflow of water from the heavily choked Odaw River which burst its banks flooded the premises of companies along that stretch.

They include Toyota Ghana, Rana Motors, dealers in KIA range of vehicles, Modern Auto Services and Pepsi Cola.

At Toyota Ghana, officials of the company declined comment at the time of Graphic’s visit but scores of staff including management members stood on the shoulders of the Graphic Road, with their arms folded, as they watched the water-filled premises of the company.

The worse affected area within the premises of Toyota was the service rooms where vehicles of customers had been submerged in the flood water. Fortunately, most of the brand new ones were not affected in the showroom of the company because of the elevated nature of that side of the company.

Unlike Toyota which had its showroom saved, Rana Motors had its showroom filled with water and files could be seen floating on water from the premises.

The front area of the company where some of the brand new Kia vehicles had been parked including those brought in for servicing had also submerged.

So was the company’s store room filled with spare parts and the tyre servicing company which also had its entire compound flooded completely.

The premises of Modern Auto Services was also not spared from the raging flood waters as cars, both old and new, could be seen sitting in water.

Officials of those companies also declined comment but some of the staff who were standing infront of the company because they were unable to enter the premises told the Daily Graphic that, “we wonder what the future of the company will be after this”.

Source: Daily Graphic

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