Labour Commission directs Ghana Medical Association to end strike

The National Labour Commission  (NLC) has directed the Ghana Medical Association  (GMA) to call off its strike immediately in line with  the Labour Act while referring the dispute between the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) and the  (GMA) to  a compulsory arbitration.

This was after a meeting between the GMA and the FWSC on Thursday could not reach an agreement on the outstanding issues hindering the migration of the doctors onto the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) . The Commission  requested the meeting on Monday.

A statement in Accra from the NLC, signed Mr. Mohammed Affum, the Public Affairs Officer, and copied to  the Ghana News Agency (GNA)  explained:   “A party to an industrial dispute shall not resort to a strike or lockout during the period when negotiation, mediation or arbitration proceedings are in progress.”

The statement expressed regret that the FWSC and the Ghana Medical Association could not reach an agreement during the meeting which lasted 48 hours on the outstanding issues.

The GMA called the strike  14 days ago over what it calls concerns about distortions in the grading structures of the SSSS; issues of unscientific determination of market premium and the inducement by the FWSC.

It also has issues with what it terms the ambiguous stance of the Single Spine Salaries Secretariat on the positions of the District Directors of Health Service and Medical Superintendants.

There have been several appeals and interventions from various quarters, including the President and the Council of State , for  them to resume work.

Meanwhile, an NGO has taken legal action against the body.

Source: GNA

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  1. the gma shd resume work for christ sake! .put politics aside and think about mother d blesing of d lord dat maketh rich single spine adds notin 2it.

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