Bubonic plague scare at Ho SSNIT flats

Officials of the Environmental Health Directorate in the Volta Region on Thursday said there could be an outbreak of bubonic plague at the Ho SSNIT block of Flats following  the virtual invasion of rats and cockroaches in the residential area.

Bubonic plague is a bacterial infection that manifests in boils at the genitals and joints.

The dark big rats, it appears, move in twos and destroy property and food, gnawing at virtually everything.

The cockroaches, which are in high populations, fly about everywhere – kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and corridors, creating a lot of inconvenience.

Madam Stella Kumedzro, Assistant Volta Regional Environmental Officer, commenting on the situation, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the urine and droppings of rats contain pathogenic organisms which could also cause Weil’s disease, a kind of deadly jaundice and laser fever.

She said septic tanks and toilets  are the main habitat of cockroaches and that they could carry vectors which could spread cholera, salmonella and other diarrheal diseases.

Madam Kumedzro, therefore, urged residents at the Flats not to expose their foods and store cereals and nuts properly.

She also advised them to always cover dustbins and keep the environment clean to drive  rodents away.

Mr Francis Abotsi, Volta Regional Environmental Officer, attributed the situation to poor hygiene and sanitation practices and advised the residents to use appropriate chemicals to disinfest their residences.

He stressed that any fumigation must be thorough covering all the blocks and adjoining areas to avoid a comeback of the rodents and insects.

Many residents say they have used all kinds of insecticides and pesticides to no avail.

Mr Charles Mensah, a Public Servant and a resident,  told the GNA that his family hardly “sleeps well” with the presence of rats in their room and that all attempts to eradicate them were unsuccessful.

The rats are frightening so much that adults are reported to have taken to their heels on seeing them.

Some people claimed they vacated the Flats, perceived to be for the elite, because of the inconveniences the rats and cockroaches were causing.  One of them, a middle-aged businessman popularly known as “Uncle Sammy”,  said they caused him and his family so much discomfort.

“Some are so stubborn that, they can move to your direction with no fear of being killed,” he stated.

Source: GNA

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