New mobile authentication system developed to check fake anti-malaria drug in Nigeria

Sproxil, a US-based company that provides world-class brand protection through software and services has entered into a partnership with Greenlife Pharmaceutical Limited, a Nigeria-based drug distributor and India’s pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Bliss GVS Pharma Limited, to provide protection for the popular anti-malarial drug LONART on the Nigerian market.

The protection will be done through a new advanced technology called Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) developed by Sproxil to maintain the integrity of the LONART brand.

“Sproxil’s technology capitalizes on technologies that already exist and are readily accessible and easily understood by all levels of society – namely cellular phone SMS capabilities and scratch-off lottery-style labels,” the company said in a press release copied to

The company‘s services allow end consumers to verify with a simple free text message that they are not purchasing counterfeit medication and will allow Nigerians to verify the authenticity of a crucial anti-malaria drug, according to Sproxil.

This is Sproxil’s first cross-national collaboration between India and Nigeria.

By Ekow Quandzie

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