Attitudinal change is for all – Bishop

All Ghanaians need an overhaul of their attitudes and not politicians alone, to enable it develop faster.

Right Reverend Francis Anani Lodonu, Bishop of the Ho Diocese of the Catholic Church was delivering Jesus’ Resurrection Day sermon at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ho on Sunday.

He said teachers whose entire class failed the final external exams, must rededicate themselves to their jobs just as a corrupt politician needed to grab the opportunity of renewal of purpose offered by Easter.

Bishop Lodonu expressed regret at the waning attitude to communal efforts at development at the local level especially.

He observed that communities were increasingly unable to reconstruct old and collapsing school blocks, many built through communal effort in the past.

On the international scene Bishop Lodonu condemned long-ruling overbearing political leaders who perhaps had reached their wits end, but still not wanting to yield power.

Source: GNA

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